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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

BERTIE ROSE by Laura Muscat | Fashion Blog and Magazine

Dear all and my fashion followers, 

Kindly excuse me for being silent for the past 6 months, but I have been busy with my career. 

This week there will be a change in the name. 

My blog will no longer be called La Maison Sartorie D'Amber but I am changing it to 

Please follow me here for now

I am re branding and making a new and much unproved site. 

This is the new logo, hope you love it

I will keep you posted with the new updates this coming week. 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

George Clooney | W Magazine Art Issue with Yayoi Kusama Designed Dots

For the annual art issue of W Magazine, the man who has women at their knees, graces the cover in customised Yoyoi Kusmana Armani suit and shoes, in a monochrome dotted camouflage with his surroundings, looking more dashing than ever. 

Yoyoi Kusama is the 83 year old artist behind last years Louis Vuitton spotted collection, she had coloured dots and spots the last time, that was a success and this collaboration is not even close to a mis hit, her dotted obsession and Clooney combine very well. Clooney's charm arises from the spotted delusion. 

A dotted set, a dotted Clooney, dotted car, dotted table, everything is dotted and according to himself, he resembles Snoopy in this editorial. 
"But I must say," he continued, "I'm proud to be Snoopy! Ultimately, what I'm trying to do with a director - or, I guess, an artist - is to be of service to them and their story."

I must say, a very handsome Snoopy who seems to age as well as wine, the older the better. 

He as interviewed by  Lynn Hirschberg about his new film, The Monuments Men, in about the art which was stolen by Adolf Hitler in World War II.

If you want to read more and admire the handsome Clooney, check out the interview on W Magazine

Art and Clooney are a perfect masterpiece in W Magazine!