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Monday, 30 April 2012

My latest purchases from London ... story telling

My latest purchases ... something classic, something new, something old and something for you

Usually shopping in London is a must. Every time I travel to this city, I always allocate some quality time for some precious purchasing time, but my schedule unfortunately did not allow me to hunt for some good bargains or find some kind of unique item. 

In fact I wondered around Camden Town through the market and some vintage stores, but my venture proved unsuccessful when thunder, lightning and rain decided to show up and ruin my lovely 2 hour endeavour. 
So whilst I was running around London town from one area to the other, in between Vogue workshops and Masters interviews, I managed to buy some new accessories, and found some interesting pieces which all have an interesting story. 

Peacocks blouse - I bought this from Malta ... no story here, I simply fell in love with it
Very classical, it's pretty and I love it on

This Stunning Blouse Features Luxuriously Smooth Textures And A Beautiful Pussy Bow Front. Featuring Through Button Fastening, Oversized Sleeves And A Classic Contrast Design. 

 I paired it up with a long black asymmetrical skirt (Zara), black court shoes (Ms Selfridge), a leather clutch bag (Zara) and electric blue blazer (H&M) 

I wore this outfit for the first day of Vogue Festival and my Masters interview. Upon arrival at Vogue, someone actually took my picture in this outfit, only God knows who that might be!

I needed a black belt with the outfit above, before day 1 of Vogue Festival because my skirt was falling and this was the only belt that looked good on and which had the simplest shape, in fact I turned the buckle behind. 

Vintage looking black leather belt from Mango
Whilst looking hopelessly for a black bag in Covent Garden, my eyes set their sights on I these beautiful beige textured platform court shoes with a pale golden heel from Zara ... when I saw the heel I went crazy, tried them on and they fit perfectly, little damage was done to my credit card. 
This is how I intend to wear them, with similar items to the ones below ...  in the picture - a peplum white blazer (Alexander McQueen), a yellow lace sleeveless dress (Warehouse) and a lovely pink bag (Dolce & Gabbana) - perfect for Summer!
After Vogue Festival I went to Oxford Street to look for a lovely red Aldo handbag which I had seen in Camden but couldn't find it there, with only 1 hour available to buy something, I went running around the shops in my towering heels to find a bag for the next day. The only bag that caught my eye was this pretty suede bag with gold chain from Topshop. It was a good purchase because I carried my large camera in it around London and Vogue Festival, my camera had a stylish pocket and it is actually a nice bag. 
After all my commitments in London were over, I decided to go for a walk in Kensington with a friend and ended up at Harrods in Knightsbridge for lunch. Not thinking of how my feet would feel  after 9 hours in the lovely Zara court shoes I purchased the day before.  At 4pm my feet decided to shout out for help and asked me desperately to change my shoes. So I crossed the road from Harrods and found Topshop. My quest was a comfy shoe which matched my stylish/ smart outfit. The only pair of shoes that seemed to match were these Jaded Camel Suede leather shoe boots with contrast black toecap from Topshop which were on sale, when I saw them I had to get them.
And thats my London shopping adventure, where behind every purchase there is a little story. 


Friday, 27 April 2012

Dolce & Gabbana duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at Vogue festival ... Famiglia, Amore e Italianita'

On Friday 20th April, the second session at Vogue Festival started with the incredible Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana. 

British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman took the stage to interview Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana under the themes of Italianita’, Amore e Famiglia.
This interview must have been one of the most anticipated workshops by all those attending, especially for moi, since they are my favourite designers -  because of the immense passion they show towards their brand, their ideals, their Italy, the culture and identity behind their brand and the truthfulness to their collections but most of all because of the the woman that they portray.

As soon as their name was announced, and I saw them walking on stage, I could feel my eyes water, I wish someone would have photographed my face or saw the feeling I had in my eyes, it was incredible and surreal moment, a dream.

Alexandra Shulman described the dynamic designer’s important relationship and their partnership, and on how they strived to keep the business going for so many years. She defined their brand as “glamour, sexiness, womanliness and Italian exuberance” and continued elaborating on their continuous faithfulness to love, family and their Italian roots.

Alexandra Shulman started out by asking them about how they met, how the brand and name came to be and how their relationship started. One could see the immense respect and love they have for each other from their answers. Laughing their way through they described how their business started with only one table with three legs and one sofa, and how slowly they started making clothes. The first collection by Domenico Dolce was called Donna, Donna, DD, Dolce & Gabbana in 1981 and from then on its history.
Stefano Gabbana described their collaboration as a ‘strange animal’ where Domenico’s job is tailoring with an fine obsession on details and his job is more on the image and how he always give the final touch to the collection.  He light-heartedly elaborated about how one does his job on his own without the other, but without the other they cannot do their job because they ultimitely need each other. He said, “I take care about something and he takes care about something and at the same time he takes care of what I do” and suddenly giggles and laughter erupted from the audience.

Jokingly he said that “… finally when the fashion show is over, finally and I repeat finally it is the last time we hear the song.”

With Pavarotti’s ‘Funicula, Funicala’ in the background for the concept of ‘Famiglia’.
Spring/ Summer 2012 campaign

The concept of family for both of them is that it is their reference point and it is from where they draw inspiration. Domenico Dolce defined family as a universal word, something strong and something warm where you feel the love. He said that Italians especially in the southern parts of Italy, like Sicily where he is from, family is important and explained how Italians celebrate Sundays. On Sunday lunch at 1pm all the family meets up, the uncle, the auntie, the cousin, the girlfriends, the boyfriends, the children, the neighbours …  and describes it as being picturesque and cinematographic.
From there they continued explaining, how their work place is their family especially Barbara who is number one, that is where family starts and it extends to 5000 workers worldwide. With a smile on his face, Domenico Dolce said that “we make this job a family” and he pointed out that if an employee works for them for 6 months, then from there its forever.
Love – Life, Passion, Freedom … with Pavarotti’s ‘O Sole Mio’. 
Domcenico Dolce interprets love as energy, love is power, it is the energy around the world, the sea the sky, love is honesty, love is about living life in a nice way. Then a baby started crying and he said, “That is love”.
The duo continued defining the word, according to them; love is a very difficult word to define. They continued withe how their relationship changed from being a couple in love, lovers and partners to just being partners and how now they have a better understanding and tolerance of each other. Stefano said that it does not mean that now that they are not lovers anymore, there isn’t love, love will always be there and respect never dies.
It was their countries turn … Italianita’ started with Pavarotti’s rendition of ‘O Surdato Nnamurato’ I… Monica Bellucci, architecture, churches, the blue sky and the sun, art, Roma, I uomini, la seduzione dei uomini, Il colosseo …
Alexandra Shulman asked the designers about how they see the future of Italian designers and fashion in Italy since they are practically the youngest, well-established designers in the country. Stefano Gabbana answered by saying “We are not old, we are not young we are in the middle” and he went on to explain about their concept multi brand store – Spiga.
Spiga is the promotion of around 23 international fashion designers in one store, where Dolce & Gabbana help in their promotion and recognition among the industry.
From Spiga 2 - Christina Crawford designs

When the floor opened to questions from the audience, someone immediately asked them how they managed to succeed. Domenico Dolce gave one advice, and that is to pursue your dream, to concentrate on one thing, something you love, something that comes from the heart. Stefano continued elaborating when he said not to look at something grand, at something big and he gave the example of Fausto Puglisi when the designer had asked the duo on how to become big and how he will get the most famous models to wear his designs. They told him “people want you and not the models, they want your designs then the rest will come later”. The best advice they could give anyone.
Unfortunately, the workshop was over before I knew it.  The advice they gave everyone was to "believe in your work, focus on one thing, you need to be brave, be strong, and never stop because every day is very complicated but if you believe the day after will be much better" What came out of it for me was more determination to continue pursue my dreams and to follow one’s heart.

I am very sure everyone took something out of it and that is to just go for it.

Thank you Mr. Gabbana and Mr. Dolce, you are one of the reasons I am pursuing fashion.


The full interview is available on the British Vogue website:

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier turns 60 today ... Happy Birthday

The influential designer has changed the world of fashion with many of his controversial designs, here are some of his most iconic creations, mostly famous for his beautiful corsets

Jean Paul Gaultier bullet bra corset worn by the one and only Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour in 1990
His F/W 2012 Couture Collection ... a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse
Pictured with Dita Von Tesse in his F/W 2011 Haute Couture collection
This is a cotton, synthetic dress from 1986-1987, again featuring a corset like design
Leather jacket from Spring/Summer 1991
The bowl of Hygieia and its usually one of the symbols associated to pharmacy

A beautiful Japan inspired silk gown From Spring/Summer 2002 
I'm sure there will be more risque things to come. 


Monday, 23 April 2012

Fashion at Vogue Festival

Fashion was all over the place at Vogue Festival here are some pictures
Rosa Lopes - Fashion stylist and aspiring fashion designer 

Wearing a dress by Imperial, a Zara coat and shoes and carrying a Michael Kors bag
Tomoe Comparelli, boutique manager

Wearing a Joseph coat, a Miu Miu shirt and a skirt that she bought in Japan. The shoes are by Ask and the bag is vintage
Emily Bailey, photographer

Wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Nancy Harvey-Bathurst, student 

very stylish wearing the latest trends the printed pants

Beautiful accessories 

Neon trends

Deimante Meilune, Fashion Designer

She is wearing her own designs. The trousers, jacket and top are her own designs and the top is made from an old Kimono, cardigan is All Saints, Shoes: Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti, sunglasses vintage.

Cool vintage chic -Katharina Geißler, fashion student, stylist and blogger

She is wearing BRAX Vintage trousers, a DAKS Vintage blazer, a knitted shirt from Urban Outfitters, dotted tights from Wolford, brogues from Bronx, trench is from See by Chloé, bag from Prada, earrings from Topshop, glasses from Sisley and her necklace is a souvenier from a trip to Montenegro.

All photos were copyrighted to Laura Muscat

Vogue Festival 2012 ... my experience

The 2012 Vogue Festival, in collaboration with Vertu, turned out to be more than I expected ... it was great especially since it was my first international fashion event. 
The ultra violet light in the different corridors (photograph by Laura Muscat)

The festival took place over two days at The Royal Geographical Society in Kensington. The venue was perfect for such an event; it looked like a beautiful old English house, with beautiful flowers, high white ceilings and beautiful people roaming around these rooms.  A hint of edginess lit up the corridors in blue ultra violet light, which contrasted with the historical surroundings. 
Queues to enter the Map Room for the Vogue Cover shoot, you can see everyone sporting their finest looks

Walking in, I could feel the energy and excitement. Fashionistas, journalists, stylists, fashion insiders and Vogue interns were all over the place. Everyone was very well dressed; some dressed in the latest trends like neon, floral and pastel colours, others wearing vintage and then there were those who stood out with their own personal style.

Fashion's biggest names were lined up for different workshops from Dolce & Gabbana to Tom Ford, David Bailey - one of fashion's most celebrated photographers, young successful designers Mary Katranzou and Christopher Kane, the wonderful Diana Von Furstenberg, witty Stella McCartney with actress Kate Hudson and stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe.
Editorial looks by the industry's finest in the hall

The venue was brimming with activity. In the hall, a team of experts from hair to make up were giving editorial looks to all those attending. 
Armani Eyes ... a beautiful girl is getting ready to get her smouldering smoky look

Josh Wood, the influential hair colourist and his team gave expert hair advice, not only, they also gave editorial looks by braiding hair for an ethereal look, soft waves, curls, wash-out dyes and temporary hair extensions. Armani's top make-up artists showed how to get the smouldering smoky eye and beauty industry experts gave advice on how to find the perfect red tone for your lips to suit your skin tone - Red My Lips. 
In the picture a wall in the hall with past Vogue covers

In the Map Room, people were queuing to get their Vogue Cover Shoot. Chanel provided accessories and make-up and everyone was photographed by one of the magazine's contributing photographers. In the Drayson Room, a series of short fashion films from Vogue photo-shoots were being shown, with Emma Watson, Mario Testino, models Arizona Muse and Karlie Kloss and many more. In the same room, Vogue executive editor, Calgary Avansino, presented the key trends for Spring/ Summer 2012. 
Short films in the Drayson Room, pictured Mario Testino

Other activities included an installation by performance artist Rita Says presented by curator Serena Bobowski in the Sunley Room, Cafe Marquee provided food and refreshments and the Vogue shop where all those attending could purchase Vogue's latest issue, books like the one I purchased 'Unseen Vogue', and the Vogue Festival t-shirt. 

Overall, the event was a success especially since it was the first one of its kind and I will definitely attend again.

Reports from Session 2 and 3 will be up shortly in more detail.  

Dolce & Gabbana Workshop Report

Vogue Festival Fashion

All photographs are copyrighted by Laura Muscat

Fashion blogger Bryan Boy in his aubergine Dolce & Gabbana trousers

Fashion Blogger Bryan Boy is pictured here in Venice ... showing us his chic style with these smart 'Melanzane' aka aubergine Dolce & Gabbana trousers from their SS12 collection.

Very smart and stylish, the whole outfit is a perfect combination.

Beautiful pictures, very editorial, looks like a Dolce & Gabbana SS12 campaign.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Masters interview & Vogue Festival

Good morning everyone,

Today was and will be a very eventful day for me.

I went for my Masters interview and they told me I would be a very good candidate for Masters in Fashion Business so I'm very excited for that.

Now I'm in Covent Garden shopping around and bought these beautiful court shoes from Zara, 2 people stopped me and told me how fashionable I look :D

Now I'm headed to Laduree for a celeberatory macaron before The VOGUE FESTIVAL for Session 2 and Session 3. 
Vogue Festival Poster

Many designers, fashion editors and the industry's influential people will be present, and I'm mostly excited about Mary Katranzou,  Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson and photographer David Bailey.

And probably I'll have a heart attack when I see my idols Dolce & Gabbana coming on to the stage. 
Stefano Gabbana & Domenico Dolce

Unfortunately I don't not have much time cause i'm running out of time.

This evening I will post photos and a new update.


A photograph by David Bailey
Designs by Mary Katranzou, my favourite emerging designer

Monday, 16 April 2012


Welcome to my blog ... La Maison Sartorie D'Amber

I am Laura ... I'm a fashion lover, aspiring fashionista and student ...

This blog came about when a friend, Andrey, suggested that I should chronicle my life and my love of fashion. He suggested this because fashion can be seen bin my daily choices and by the way I am, he says that life is worth writing about, calling me a very busy woman.

So after some thought, whilst looking at graduate courses in fashion management and business during  exams, I decided to come up with this fashion blog - La Maison Sartorie D'Amber.
I decided that this will be a tailored guide to fashion news, updates, trends, reviews and much more, after all I'm passionate about this industry and always want to read and know more. 

The name of the blog was a tedious job, I couldn't come up with a name, all I could see were many words and couldn't put them together, so I asked for the help of two dear friends, Jean-Paul and Vivienne. I wanted a French name, because I love how words sound in the french language. It is not normal because usually, I go for anything that is Italian, since, I love everything about Italy ... from the fashion, lifestyle, food, history, everything!

The many words came to be ... La Maison Sartorie D'Amber

1. Amber ... a dear friend calls me Amber Eyes and since this person means something to me because he believes in me, and always pushes me to be better, I had to include something that represents him. Also I wear a lot of amber shades weather its clothing, shoes or jewellery, so it seemed very appropriate.

2. Sartorie - Tailoring ...  is the ultimate thing that embodies the fashion trade, it is what makes a design unique.

3. Maison - House ...  it is where your home is ... and this is where I intend to make my home and release all the creativity that there is in me to produce something beautiful. 

I hope you enjoy the fashion journey with me.