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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

PRADA Spring/Summer 2014 | Artists & Miuccia become Art Couture | MFW

The art inspiration which makes Miuccia a genius
When I saw the collection for the first time, I was a bit perplexed, but somehow, seeing it over and over again made me want it, especially the coats and the crystal encrusted sport dresses.
The venue was adorned by street artists hired by Miuccia just for the show to paint murals on the walls. She then mixed high fashion with components from the street, sport, art and couture.
Her woman is a gangster, a leader, a woman which rules the world and with Britney Spears in the background, to the tune of "work bitch!", simply added all the elements together. 
Picasso like extracts from a painting printed on the garments with a 3D effect, encrusted bras worn on top of the dresses and even bras sewn as part of a dress with a lot of colour blocking to complement it. Sport midi length silk dresses, had crystals encrusted on them, long fur coats which were as rare as a painting, tube socks, sport collars, feathers and lady like bags.
Miuccia is pure genius, she is not only pushing Prada towards heaven, but she is making Prada become God. She is  creating collectables, which one must have, wear and then give to their children. No wonder Anna Wintour wears Prada over and over again. I'm already imaging the next vintage hunter like Hamish Bowles finding one of these rare Prada pieces from this collection at a vintage store in Paris.
A different collection, like none other, a break up from he usual monotonous simple classic collections to a hued artistry collection for a woman ready to concur the world. 


From what I learned, Prada is the devil and the ruler and Miuccia confirmed this!

Photos from style.com

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