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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Where am I going for my Masters? Polimoda, Florence

Florence awaits me and I'm waiting it with  anticipation. 

On 18th September my fashion journey continues, and this time its for real, my dreams are becoming a reality and it is where my career will jump start and it is where my future will be written. 

I had to chose between 3 fashion schools, but somehow my heart and mind pulled me towards Florence and Polimoda. 

At Polimoda -Institute for fashion Design and Marketing, in Florence, I will be studying Master in Fashion Brand Management. It was the best choice for me because the course they offered is perfectly suited for me and for what I want, in addition it has a great reputation and excellent professors. Its an institute which opens its doors to its students and supports them in a multitude of manners. 
Picture from the 2009 graduate's fashion show

The course will be starting on the 1st of October, when Autumn leaves will start falling and the day starts becoming shorter. 

I found a roommate too, Emily, American/Australian I think (Emily please confirm), and we found a beautiful apartment opposite the beautiful Arno river, five minutes away from our campus, Villa Favard in Via Curtatone. 
Photo from here

The Villa, which is also known as a Palazzo, was built around 1857 by a Giuseppe Poggi for a baronessa. It is a spectacular building, neoclassical style, perfectly fit for a fashion school. 
As time goes by, I will update more and more about Polimoda, my adventures and that of my course mates

The journey will start soon and in the meantime preparations are on their way, I have to start reading fashion books and prepare for a different lifestyle change, for the little gem in the middle of the Mediterranean to the capital of fashion and art - Florence.
 Arno River



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  2. how excitinggg! congratulations! <3

    XO Sahra

  3. I ran into your blog while searching for stuff about Polimoda. I was accepted for Master in Brand Management as well, starting in April 2013. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! :) I hope u will share your experience in Florence when u get there! :)

    1. Hi Aeriyn,

      I hope you found this blog useful. I will be updating it regularly on the experience in Florence and Polimoda.

      Subscribe if you want and you will receive regular updates.

      Let me know when you're in Florence and email me if you need information or anything, find me on Facebook too.



  4. Hello, I also ran into your blog while searching for apartments near by Polimoda. I was accepted in the Fashion Stylist Masters program, will you please fill me on more updates on your great experience, that I actually can;t wait for my self to me on the same road pretty soon :D. Will you please let me know what are the good apartments that are around Polimoda and walking distance please.
    Thanks alot,