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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fashion Exams ... Polimoda

Fashion Exams ... the upcoming entrance exams at Polimoda in Florence and ESMOD Paris

It has been one hell of a week! I finally finished my thesis, I cannot believe it, I thought that this day would never come, it did and its over. Anyway, now coming up are my 2 fashion exams related to the Masters courses I applied for. 

I applied for Fashion Brand Management at Polimoda in Florence and Fashion Business at ESMOD Paris. 
 The Polimoda exam is tomorrow and it should take me around 15 hours, its long and intense, but worth every minute and hour. I will be analysing a brand, from advertising strategies and market strategies, and my brand of choice is Dolce & Gabbana, its the brand I know most, hoping to be a winner for me. After that I will be interviewed by the Course Coordinator .. I'm so excited!
Polimoda headquarters, Villa Favard
Polimoda designs by students

Design creations by Polimoda students at Villa Favard
Florence is magical, its Italy, its the food, its the architecture, the art .. all these influences will make the study experience worthwhile!

Watch the video ... you'll automatically start dreaming!

The ESMOD Paris exam is on the 13th of June, that will be a shorter exam, a two hour exam based on my knowledge of fashion, but I will post information when the exam is closer.
I cannot imagine if I pass both exams, which one will I choose. Florence v Paris ... Florence is winning me over, after all Italy is my first love. 

Off to study a bit. 

fingers crossed.



  1. Best of luck doll! U sure will do great! :)

  2. Good luck! Florence is so beautiful!


  3. Thank you Liliana :) fingers crossed! x

  4. Hi Laura, can you tell me what the exam was like? I am starting the process of getting into Polimoda's bag and shoe design masters program. Ill fly to Florence to take the exam but I dont know what to expect. Thanks! Atoia

    1. Hi Atoia,

      the exam was long and difficult, but I managed to pass and did well. You have to be very specific and if you love the subject and is passionate about it I'm sure you'll do well.

      contact me on lauramuscat@gmail.com or find me on Facebook - please find the link further up.

      Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me.


  5. Thank you so much Laura, thanks for the advice. I will add you on Facebook. Thanks again


  6. Ciao Bella, I just came across your blog and I like it . It's bookmarked.I don't use bloglovin. :(
    I was looking for some information about the Polimoda. Can you tell me something about this university? I was so scared when I saw that exam last 15 hours? what have youbeen doing for 15h?
    You are so lucky, you are in Florence :))))))

    1. Dear Carolina,

      send me an email to lauramuscat@gmail.com and I will answer all your questions.

      Good luck

  7. Hi Laura, I was looking for some info about Polimoda/Fashion Brand Management and got brought to your blog. I'm wondering if it's okay if I send you emails to ask some further questions? Grazie :^)

    1. Send me an email to lauramuscat@gmail.com :)

  8. Dear laura

    I came across your blog
    Can unplease tell me what kind of questions do they ask in the phone interview?

    Your reply is highly appreciated

    Thank you