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Monday, 21 October 2013

Gagliardi | Autumn/Winter 2013 Menswear Collection | Sartorial Elegance

The Mediterranean man’s style infused with Savile Row finesse and the Italian Sartorial elegance, that’s Gagliardi for you, Malta’s very own international menswear brand
Gagliardi’s history starts in Malta in 1964. Since then the brand has come a long way, establishing itself as one of the leading and most sought after menswear brands in Malta and it is slowly leading its way into the European market, having shop in stores in major department stores in Europe.

For their latest collection, Autumn/Winter 2013, Gagliardi, chose to inspire themselves by the Italian ski resort Cortina. Their man, is a man who chooses his clothes well, makes sure he looks good every day, whether he is going to work, a casual evening out, or to watch sports with the boys. I see Gagliardi attracting the young ostentatious man, like the movie character “Alfie” played by Michael Caine and Jude Law, and the elegant career oriented gentleman, which reminds me of Humphrey Bogart in “Sabrina” wearing suits and bow ties as part of his daily attire, and luxurious velvet dinner jackets in the evening. It’s a classic timeless collection, which finds its roots in the tailoring masters of Savile Row and Italy.

This time round, the brand chose to keep some key pieces from previous collections, like the Gagliardi quilted jacket in Alcantra leather, whilst introducing new ones, which include the wax coated cotton washed jacket and the interesting introduction to cable knitwear, whilst making sure that comfort and style are well intact.
Its a collection which includes details such as elbow patches, patch pockets, and the new  colours of Bordeaux, purple, winter white, warm mustard, rusty orange, forest green, smoky grey and icy blue.

Denimjackets, and wool jackets, washed cord, polo shirts, checked shirts and knitwear. They introduced a combination of cotton and cashmere and a range of shirts for the casual man to the business man, in different colours, prints and patterns. Having also the “Non-Iron” shirt, aiming to attract the urban, busy and metropolitan man.

Tailored business suits have now become one of their carry on classic pieces, and this season lovely addition was the three-piece suit which styled with a tie-pin shirt collar, a bow-tie and a double cuff shirt, and my favourite printed velvet, paisley and silk party jackets will get you ready for any kind of black tie event.

Lastly, their accessories range includes beautiful printed pocket squares in silk and wool, classic, fashion and bow ties and signature Gagliardi cufflinks. The footwear is the right number of shoes which are essential in every man's wardrobe; black and brown Derbies, brogues, loafers and other models which come in a range of leather and even coloured suede.

The Gagliardi showroom in Malta

They sent me 2 pocket squares, as a gift and we are coming up with an outfit post together, an intriguing fusion of men’s accessories for a very feminine fashion blogger.
Gagliardi is a menswear brand to watch, the prices are very affordable and the quality is very good. This Mediterranean brand with sartorial references to Britain and Italy is managing to build customers all over world, cultivating menswear elegance and style for every man. With an online shop, which ships worldwide, the brand is growing fast, and taking the brand everywhere.

Shop my favourite menswear brand Gagliardi from here


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