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Monday, 28 May 2012

Here's what's coming up ... Blog, blog, blog, fashion, fashion, fashion ..

Hi All, 

Hope you're all well, I've abandoned you, please forgive me but I've been really busy with all the amount of University work I have, I'm in my final year, actually last 3 weeks to be exact and I find myself drowned in work, books and papers - really not fashionable, oh well, its a trend I've adopted lately, adorning books and papers.
My room is in a state of complete and utter disorder, sort of a room crisis, books everywhere, from fashion books, to James Joyce books, to political science books, papers, notes and pens - you can imagine! Then I have my clothes on the sofa and shoes on the floor because I have no more space where to put them, in other words - My life is in a complete clutter, until I finish this semester.
In the meantime, I have thought of many blogs which I will be posting, hopefully soon. 

So here's what I will be blogging about in June and July:

Fashion Exams ... My 2 upcoming entrance exams at Polimoda in Florence and ESMOD Paris
Pink ... one of the summer trends for 2012, I will advise on how to wear pink and all the lovely shades. 
Maltese Designers ... I will blog about my favourite blogs, related exclusively to fashion and showcasing some of Malta's new upcoming designers. 
The Turban ... a new trend that's emerging
Men's Style ... and their street style
My latest purchases - story telling ... and the many stories behind them 
My fashion forward friends ... I'll be posting photos of my fashionable friends
Fashionista - Get the Look ... who will be next? Let me know who you want me to blog about :)
The 19th of June ... the end of my studies at UOM
Fashion Happening - An Event ... something that's coming up in the next few months, a fashion event
Fashion Icon Wallis Simpson ... I'm really intrigued by her story
Masters ... where will I go? Polimoda
Room redecorating and closet clean up ... total revamp
Me and my style ... I will post an Outfit of the Day and finally you'll see my style
Blog revamp ... JULY will mark the revamp of my blog and my logo - so stay tuned, looking for designers

Till then ... if you want to get in contact with me, email me at lauramuscat@gmail.com


Friday, 25 May 2012

My dilemma ... political science v fashion

Dear All,

It's killing me that I haven't posted anything in over a week, but I'm tied to my desk and cannot let myself delve into something else.
I'm sitting here, writing a thesis which is very important, but really not relevant to my future prospects and I wonder, what did I get myself into?
I guess I admitted to myself, way too late, that fashion is where I should be before I could pursue what I really wanted and loved, finally I let out the ambitious trait that exists deep down in me.
Now, I'm seeing an end to this politcal science tunnel ... it has given me a lot, not only discipline and formation, but friends, peers, ESO, and my course mates - they are the best thing that ever happened to me, it was fun, interesting and challenging.
The best friends that I've made in this course have pushed me to pursue a goal, which I thought was too big to achieve, but they saw my potential and believed in me - now fingers crossed!

to the Royal Elites, you know who you are ... 
Long Facebooks chats, the inevitable nicknames, the cool online course group, the many times wasted in coffee shops and at the library, the overdue drink, the travels, the sleepless all night thesis support system, our crazy nights and our very international group - going to miss you.
It has been a very difficult year but there is always a finish line ...

4 weeks to go ...

Ami, Den, Emiljan, Jamie, Julia, Petra, Steffen ...

Finish dissertation, 3 exams, 2 assignments (related to political science) AND another 2 exams, but those will be for my Masters, related to FASHION!
It will be over soon, and another new journey will begin!
There will be another one or two teary eyed posts about the course of course, one after the 19th June, when everything is over and when I graduate, hopefully.

Remember all dreams can come true, you have to want it, your dreams are as big as you want them to be, just go for it and smile!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chanel Cruise Collection 2013 ... a pastel palette you would want to eat

Karl Lagerfeld chose the gardens of Versailles as the perfect location for Chanel's 2013 Cruise collection. 
As a backdrop you had the majestic and beautiful green gardens and the chiming water sound from the fountains under the sun. 
It was the prefect setting!
It was definitely inspired by golden baroque architecture and Marie Antoinette's days of grand dresses and her immaculate colourful desserts - and also inspired by Louis the XV's mistress Madame du Barry, who he’d dress up in men’s clothing. Karl Lagrefeld said She was the most beautiful woman in France, and the first fashion icon,” referring to Marie Antoinette. He said. “Marie Antoinette didn’t like her.” 
The show was dominated by a pastel palette, you would want to eat, it reminded me of macarons and sweets ...blues, greens, yellows, purple and pinks, lace, ruffles, denim suits, classical Chanel tweed jackets, detailed gold embroidery, the new Chanel boy bag and the creepers which added a very contemporary touch to the look. 
He said he mixed rock 'n' roll with baroque, making it more modern - something that Coco Chanel would design

The hair looked like candy; pink, purple, blonde, sleek - fringed bob cut wigs . The make up was orange-pink eye shadow, petal rose blusher and a the Chanel logo beneath their eyes, like a  teardrop or a beauty spot. The all adorned a bow to complement their pony tail which contrasted prefectly to their wigs. 
The outfits were complete with the jewellery, the pearl necklaces, extravagant broches, pearl belts, floppy hats, gold choker necklaces and the bags, new Chanel Boy Bag in many different colours and materials ... my favourite piece.
The boys looked like refined peasents, one of them was carrying a quilted chanel bag in the form of a watercan
Karl always manages to amaze me, bravo! Bow!
For the full collection see the video here or all the photos from the collection here

Blog Posts, Tom Ford and Haute Couture

My dear followers, 

Kindly excuse me for not posting so much but, I'm writing my thesis and preparing for exams so I'm trying to focus a lot on that, many sleepless nights and coffee. 

I've been getting a little inspiration and motivation from two sources, the designer Tom Ford and Haute Couture, they have become my guilty pleasure, watching documentaries and flicking through lovely photos. 
Fashion Designer Tom Ford
I watched this Tom Ford documentary by OWN - Visionaries too many times, but somehow he gives me such a drive. Some friends who are not into fashion have found this documentary interesting and commented on how impressive Tom Ford is. I recommend this, just watch it, he's a visionary!

Afterwards I lost myself watching another documentary by BBC about Haute Couture, it's such an intriguing and interesting world, something detached from the rest of the fashion world. 
You have to know what it is and what it feels like to appreciate the art form that is Haute Couture.
It takes approximately 150 hours of labour to make one dress, all hand made. 

This is a 4 minute video of the making of a Chanel Haute Couture dress

The Secret World of Haute Couture, you can watch all the documentary on You Tube. 

‘Junon’ - Dress by Chritian Dior - Fall/Winter Haute Couture 1949-50 Stunning! 
I haven't forgotten you, I have so many posts coming up and so many ideas which I hope to be sharing with you very soon.