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Monday, 28 May 2012

Here's what's coming up ... Blog, blog, blog, fashion, fashion, fashion ..

Hi All, 

Hope you're all well, I've abandoned you, please forgive me but I've been really busy with all the amount of University work I have, I'm in my final year, actually last 3 weeks to be exact and I find myself drowned in work, books and papers - really not fashionable, oh well, its a trend I've adopted lately, adorning books and papers.
My room is in a state of complete and utter disorder, sort of a room crisis, books everywhere, from fashion books, to James Joyce books, to political science books, papers, notes and pens - you can imagine! Then I have my clothes on the sofa and shoes on the floor because I have no more space where to put them, in other words - My life is in a complete clutter, until I finish this semester.
In the meantime, I have thought of many blogs which I will be posting, hopefully soon. 

So here's what I will be blogging about in June and July:

Fashion Exams ... My 2 upcoming entrance exams at Polimoda in Florence and ESMOD Paris
Pink ... one of the summer trends for 2012, I will advise on how to wear pink and all the lovely shades. 
Maltese Designers ... I will blog about my favourite blogs, related exclusively to fashion and showcasing some of Malta's new upcoming designers. 
The Turban ... a new trend that's emerging
Men's Style ... and their street style
My latest purchases - story telling ... and the many stories behind them 
My fashion forward friends ... I'll be posting photos of my fashionable friends
Fashionista - Get the Look ... who will be next? Let me know who you want me to blog about :)
The 19th of June ... the end of my studies at UOM
Fashion Happening - An Event ... something that's coming up in the next few months, a fashion event
Fashion Icon Wallis Simpson ... I'm really intrigued by her story
Masters ... where will I go? Polimoda
Room redecorating and closet clean up ... total revamp
Me and my style ... I will post an Outfit of the Day and finally you'll see my style
Blog revamp ... JULY will mark the revamp of my blog and my logo - so stay tuned, looking for designers

Till then ... if you want to get in contact with me, email me at lauramuscat@gmail.com



  1. nice!

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  2. great blog, just checked it out, amazing!I will be starting the posts from Saturday, as soon as I submit my thesis. keep on following xxx

    This is my FB page, www.facebook.com/lamaisonsartoriedamber