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Monday, 4 February 2013

The Houston Queen Beyonce | The 47th edition of the Super Bowl

Beyonce Rocks the Super Bowl | 47

She rocked the stadium down, and even managed to turn off all the lights ... a major fifteen minute power cut during the 47th edition of the Super Bowl. 
It was the first Super Bowl for me, and the second time watching a football game ever. An American friend, sweet Loren, organised Super Bowl night in Florence and most of my classmates and I braved a four game till 4am, watching the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers. Poor Josh, he had to answer all the questions about how the game works, including me. 
Dressed in a leather/lace body suit and leather jacket by her friend and designer Rubin Singer and Proenza Schouler boots,  she looked amazing!
She emerged as a goddess with her long legs, rocking body and gorgeous hair. 
She started with Love on Top and immediately turned onto her famous hit Crazy in Love. In a stadium filled with 73,000 fans at the biggest football stadium, the Superdome in New Orleans, she gave everyone a spectacular performance, some calling it one of the best performances in Super Bowl history and probably also being one of the most exciting games too. 
From her costume, to those killer dance moves and voice, men and women alike had their jaws drop to the ground, she just looked better then ever. The oozing confidence, the back-up dancers, booty shaking and powerful performance. 
 The other surprise was a special reunion of Destiny's Child. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined her on stage ... woah, what a moment, they popped up on stage to Bootylicous, and followed with their famous song Independent Women and Beyonce's song, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It!). 
Kudos to Beyonce and of course the teams who played a really good game ... it was my first Super Bowl and one to remember. 
You have to just love American traditions, Americans and of course those Houstonians ;)