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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Men and The Beard | The must have in Mens Fashion | Trends & Style

Facial hair and the beard | A trend which is revolutionising mens fashion
Christian Codrin
The beard has always been associated with gentleman and fashion, and never do I remember that the beard was so much in fashion, but recently it seems that facial hair has become a trend, and men are adopting it even more every day. 

The beard, has been associated with greatness and traditions since ancient time, portrayals of Zeus and Poseidon in Greek mythology with beards, Jesus has always been shown with a beard and what about the Ortodox Jew with his long beard. But what about the connotations with a man who does not take care of himself, the begger and the resemblance with Father Christmas. 

Apparently this fashion dates back to the time of the Greek philosophers, because having a beard during that period, meant you were a philosopher. 

Today ... the beard is a must-have, its sexy, its cool and its all over in menswear fashion and is synonymous with STYLE. 

Here are the rare and stylish men who know how to do a beard very well.
Lapo Elkann
British Model Ricki Hall
Model Patrick Petitjean

Aki Choklat ... shoe designer and my favourite professor at Polimoda
Panayiotis Simopoulos
Ryan Burns for Massimo Dutti
Miles Better and his tattoos 
Maximilano Patene 
One of the most stylish men in fashion Nick Wooster
Street style photographer and my style crush Karl Edwin Guerre
Johannes Huebl ... Olivia Palermo's handsome boyfriend
Italian Style icon Alessandro Squarzi
Dennis Klaffert

Buying Director for Mytheresa.com Justin O'Shea 
Antonio Rossi and Gianni Fontana ... Amoung Italy's most stylish men
Photo from Finaest.com and Gianni Fontana
So men out there, follow what these men are doing, have balls and rock it!


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