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Monday, 30 September 2013

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2014 | Post Modern Dior by Raf Simons | PFW

Raf Simon's modern identity is coming out in a beautiful marriage with Dior
Is he post-modern? Definitely. The Antwerp designer has been since the beginning, even with Jil Sander, and be brought post modernity to Christian Dior for Spring/Summer 2014. Set in a floral colourful floral green house with wooden floors, this show was a graceful blossom in Paris, bright with a spirited strength.

Raf Simons put his mark, and its evident. He changed the bar jacket once again, he reconstructed it in his own way, made it modern and young. The colours he chose were not subtle; he created an infusion of bold, deep hues into floral prints and played with pleats and beautiful details at the back.
His woman was Alice in Raf's Dior wonderland. The construction he played with was feminine, cutting from the waist down, close to the hip, revealing a bit of skin, black blazers, cut-offs and mid riff baring tops. The coats where constructed and cut very linearly. Printed words - "Primrose Path", "Alice Garden"  and "Hyperrealness" on the pleated, painted effect dresses, his way of showing his inspiration and a multitude of other different visions. The shiny materials, delicate mermaid like details,  and the beautiful tailored cigarette pants were of sartorial excellence.

The new colours of the Lady Dior bag were a rainbow made in lizard and crocodile skin, and even a version which like the shoes, resembled the roots of a tree, growing and spreading.
Necklaces simalar to coral and jewellery fell down the necks of the models like branches, a very surrealist kind of collection. Rounds collars, emblems and badges gave the sense of  belongingness to a certain kind if race,  beautiful pointed heels, similar to the roots of a tree, simply elegant a beautiful. 
It was a complete rendezvous with the classic silhouettes, he literally redid the classic Dior shapes, and made them into Raf Simon's signature ones. In the end, when all the models came out for the final bow, he gave us a new collection of silver metallic jacquard dresses, and finally the bar suit, a Dior classic.
He said "I wanted to feel that you wouldn't know quite where these women were coming from and where they were going to, that they exist in a new place of change and possibility". He is taking his Alice into an unknown path for us, but he knows well where she is going.
A new savage tribal sophistication is what he created now; his identity is coming out in a beautiful marriage with Dior.

From Vogue UK " | He said "I wanted a sense this season of a particular type of woman, a distinct new tribe, sophisticated and savage at the same time."








Someday one of those bar suits and anything from Dior's collection will be mine. He is the epitome of modernity with his edgy classic undertone.

Photos from style.com

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M | Fashion Collaborations | Parisian Americana Style

A Bohemian Collaboration 
The Parsisian's long awaited collection is only a few weeks away. H&M released the pictures yesterday and the true identity of Isabel Marant is there, her true bohemian americana style and causal tailoring. The cardigans and jackets are my favourite out the collection and the fringed boots are a must have. A lot of fringes, knitwear and metallics. 
The lookbook features top models  Lou Doillon, Alek Wek, Constance Joblonski and  Milla Jovovich.
and the collection is composed by womenswear, menswear, teens and children. 
See the collection and choose your favourites, make sure you queue and run to the stores on 
November 14th to get your wish list. 



I'm looking forward to get those boots and one of the cardigans, chic bohemia by Isabel Marant for H&M.