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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mary Katranzou Spring/Summer 2014 | From Darkness to Light | LFW

The Digital Queen of Fashion | Mary oh Mary noone does digital like you do 
Something different was shown since fashion week started, not just London but also New York and it had to be Mary Katranzou to bring us something distinct and incomparable. 

The collection started out in darkness just like last season, and she had everyone stop and think that Mary Katranzou's bright days were gone, but that was only the beginning till beautiful bright coloured outfits emerged.  

Grey, black and brown voluminous shaped dresses. A lovely fusion of chocolate, blue, dark red with darker black hues. Digital printed shoes, lace ups, and buckles on the dresses, but one would notice immediately what they were.  The print was double the size, embroided on silk, so engaging and genial. 
Then an explosion of colours, bright neon prints, similar to a Japanese cartoon, very abstract.  Cocktail floral mini dress, ruffles, and biker sleeveless jackets, it was a mix of everything, but, she indeed surprised us. 
Mini shift dresses and skirts, beautiful coats with volumes, beautiful digitally printed shoes by Gianvitto Rossi, in florals, very edgy and young. 
Fashionistas will be flocking to order and buyers alike.
It was Mary all the way, and whilst some say its always the print, and the dark shades that she has recently adopted are not truly her, she offers something unique, unblemished, something so different noone can even dare to copy her or even come close.

Photos from vogue.co.uk

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