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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

TOM FORD | Spring/Summer 2014 Collection | Bringing Sexy Back | LFW

The master of sexiness and the suit, has come back to London Fashion Week
The man, my only man, hit London with sexiness, he brought sexy back. 
The first looks where all in a caramel brown crocodile leather, and the man who does not shy away from using the most expensive and rare animal materials, did just that.
Fresh from opening his flagship store on Sloane Street in London, he came up with a collection which shouted seduction. He knows what he wants and what his woman wants and this hit right through the audience.
On a mirrored runway, the models strutted down the runway, oozing confidence baring those long legs. Leather, fur, short dresses, suits, white, brown, mirrors, lace, knee high boots, you had it all. 
Two beautiful biker jackets one in brown crocodile and one in white leather styled impeccably with short skirs. The new hobo bag, which will make a woman swoon over it and show stopping, dresses, perfect for the right evening ready for a kill. Two of these dresses looked like ballerina shoes, ribbons strapped around the body and another one was a close fitted, zebra, black and white mini dress, vamp!

After the parties and dinners, a change of mood, his career woman emerged, a powerful woman in a suit. He showed different versions, an eighties vibe, and all styled differently. One struck me the most, a simple black with a belt around the blazer. Mirrored dresses, with thigh high boots, a lovely white suit with a fur coat just like an angel, and evening gowns with lace minutiae technicalities, which invite into his woman's world.  

I adore him, his professionalism, his deep understanding of woman and the abyssal attention to detail.

Photos from Style.com

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