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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chanel Cruise Collection 2013 ... a pastel palette you would want to eat

Karl Lagerfeld chose the gardens of Versailles as the perfect location for Chanel's 2013 Cruise collection. 
As a backdrop you had the majestic and beautiful green gardens and the chiming water sound from the fountains under the sun. 
It was the prefect setting!
It was definitely inspired by golden baroque architecture and Marie Antoinette's days of grand dresses and her immaculate colourful desserts - and also inspired by Louis the XV's mistress Madame du Barry, who he’d dress up in men’s clothing. Karl Lagrefeld said She was the most beautiful woman in France, and the first fashion icon,” referring to Marie Antoinette. He said. “Marie Antoinette didn’t like her.” 
The show was dominated by a pastel palette, you would want to eat, it reminded me of macarons and sweets ...blues, greens, yellows, purple and pinks, lace, ruffles, denim suits, classical Chanel tweed jackets, detailed gold embroidery, the new Chanel boy bag and the creepers which added a very contemporary touch to the look. 
He said he mixed rock 'n' roll with baroque, making it more modern - something that Coco Chanel would design

The hair looked like candy; pink, purple, blonde, sleek - fringed bob cut wigs . The make up was orange-pink eye shadow, petal rose blusher and a the Chanel logo beneath their eyes, like a  teardrop or a beauty spot. The all adorned a bow to complement their pony tail which contrasted prefectly to their wigs. 
The outfits were complete with the jewellery, the pearl necklaces, extravagant broches, pearl belts, floppy hats, gold choker necklaces and the bags, new Chanel Boy Bag in many different colours and materials ... my favourite piece.
The boys looked like refined peasents, one of them was carrying a quilted chanel bag in the form of a watercan
Karl always manages to amaze me, bravo! Bow!
For the full collection see the video here or all the photos from the collection here


  1. Oh my gosh some of the dresses are SO pretty!!! I love the white bathing suit also!

    xxx Maria


  2. The whole collection is so dreamy ... I love it!

  3. Great post!

    Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

  4. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, love your blog too