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Friday, 25 May 2012

My dilemma ... political science v fashion

Dear All,

It's killing me that I haven't posted anything in over a week, but I'm tied to my desk and cannot let myself delve into something else.
I'm sitting here, writing a thesis which is very important, but really not relevant to my future prospects and I wonder, what did I get myself into?
I guess I admitted to myself, way too late, that fashion is where I should be before I could pursue what I really wanted and loved, finally I let out the ambitious trait that exists deep down in me.
Now, I'm seeing an end to this politcal science tunnel ... it has given me a lot, not only discipline and formation, but friends, peers, ESO, and my course mates - they are the best thing that ever happened to me, it was fun, interesting and challenging.
The best friends that I've made in this course have pushed me to pursue a goal, which I thought was too big to achieve, but they saw my potential and believed in me - now fingers crossed!

to the Royal Elites, you know who you are ... 
Long Facebooks chats, the inevitable nicknames, the cool online course group, the many times wasted in coffee shops and at the library, the overdue drink, the travels, the sleepless all night thesis support system, our crazy nights and our very international group - going to miss you.
It has been a very difficult year but there is always a finish line ...

4 weeks to go ...

Ami, Den, Emiljan, Jamie, Julia, Petra, Steffen ...

Finish dissertation, 3 exams, 2 assignments (related to political science) AND another 2 exams, but those will be for my Masters, related to FASHION!
It will be over soon, and another new journey will begin!
There will be another one or two teary eyed posts about the course of course, one after the 19th June, when everything is over and when I graduate, hopefully.

Remember all dreams can come true, you have to want it, your dreams are as big as you want them to be, just go for it and smile!


  1. I am sure it will work out for you! Semester is almost over :) xoxo

  2. Thanks, Sue ... cannot wait, heh I have to constantly keep reminding myself, patience, patience, fashion, fashion, good luck to you too xxx