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Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Latest Purchases ... Fashion Books

Books are an old fashioned form of education and absolutely not a norm for our generation with our many new technologies and the introduction of EBooks ... we have replaced our bookshelves with Tablets, IPads, Laptops, Smartphones and the list goes on and on.

Fashion books ... more of a source of inspiration from fashion's greatest actors. Fashion books will always be history because fashion is an ever changing story, day after day. A new designer emerges, new trends take over the stores and new supermodels make their way onto the catwalks and magazine covers. 
But a fashion book will always be a reminder of the good old days when you were a little, when we were growing up flipping through magazines, looking at the beautiful designer creations or it can be simply a book we open just to see beautiful imagery. 

Recently I purchased two fashion books and the last one was a birthday gift from a friend. They are all different in nature, have a look.
The Fashion Book by Phaidon Editors
This is a book which all fashion lovers must have on their book shelf. 

It spans over 150 years and covers the entire industry, from Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Elsa Schiarapelli, Emilio Pucci, Helmut Lang and many more.  An A-Z guide to fashion ... fashion designers, models, photographers, iconic figures, cosmetic companies, jewellers and clothes that changed fashion. 
Its filled with beautiful imagery with magazine editorials, portraits and advertising campaigns. This a must read/purchase! 

I will be reading this book over and over again, especially if I pass my Masters application with ESMOD and Polimoda and will be sitting for an entrance exam.

Unseen Vogue by Robin Derrick and Robin Muir - The Secret History of Fashion Photography 
The photographs in this book take us back in time, about 80 years. The book is a collection of 'rejected', yes rejected pictures by Vogue. Whilst flipping through you wonder, why? Why did they reject these beautiful iconic images? Your answer ... Its Vogue! Each photograph has a brief description and some have stories too about the model, about the photographer and the photo shoot. 
                        One of my favourite photographs in this book,  is by Irving Penn 'Dorian Leigh in Black Dress' - 1950

One of Vogue's favourites is on the cover and inside you will find photos from fashion industries' greats like Herb Ritts, David Bailey, Irving Penn,  Mario Testino and many more. 

The Observer said 'A lavish and beautiful celebration, UNSEEN VOGUE is testimony to the truth that unofficial history is often more intriguing

If you're an aspiring photographer this is a book that you must buy!

100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Carry Blackman
                   This book was a gift from my friend Petal, and she found the right gift! 

This books is a guide of how fashion evolved ... the trends, shapes, colours in illustration drawings. You'll see how the way of communication changed over time and how fashion information was distributed to everyone. 

It's a must read for those who are studying fashion because it gives a very good insight to the industries history and opens up a whole new world of colourful pictures where to find inspiration. 

My latest purchases will last forever and will never go out of style, something classical and investsment worthy.
Ultimately, looking at fashion books will be a reminder of when we were young and of the intriguing world of the past, something that is unknown to us and for us to discover. 

Till my next book purchases ...




  1. They are worth buying Lara especially The Fashion Book

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    1. Thank you, That is what we are doing changing the design.