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Monday, 7 January 2013

Fashion is Florence and yes its 4Ever with Luisa Via Roma

The city is buzzing with activity and the fashion elite is here ... Firenze

Le Blog de Betty being photographed next to the Duomo
I must say that this has been and will be the most exciting week. This weekend I met fashion bloggers, Chiara Ferragni and Bryan Boy at Volume. They were with Riccardo Pozzoli (Chiara's boyfriend) and Eleonora Carisi, whom I did not recognise (shame on me), I follow her immaculately. 
Blurry with Chiara Ferragni
With Bryan Boy ... I was so upset, I wasn't looking my fashion best

Pitti Uomo is here and Florence lights up with fashion activities, before and after. 

Luisa Via Roma's event Firenze 4Ever brings all the famous fashion bloggers, to his beautiful old city. 
Photoshoots and style labs, food and drinks, dinners and parties, two days filled with activities. 
All bloggers wear the new Spring/Summer 2013 collections, they choose a designer and a location to suit the  drama and glamour behind their outfit.
Eleonora Carisi and Chiara Ferragni
Song of Style during the Style Lab
Wendy's Lookbook
The beautiful Eleonora Carisi 
Bryan Boy 
Luisa Via Roma, has reached such heights, not only in Italy but in the world as one of the best concept stores, and in some cases, noone can beat it. Its innovative, and continues changing and growing, with events such as these. 
Bryan Boy sent me a tweet the following morning and the started following me on Twitter, I'm a happy bunny!

Yesterday I bumped into Giuseppe Zanotti, whilst he was walking into Luisa Via Roma, everyone is in town, so come to Florence and see it all for yourself.

I'm so happy to be back. 

and ...
remember, what goes around comes around, life bites you and then it smiles at you so smile no matter what

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