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Friday, 2 August 2013

Art Comes First | Pitti Uomo 84 | Florence | The DJ Project | Menswear

Art Comes First, a group of creatives who I first saw at Pitti Uomo 83. They impressed me so much that I spent day after day visiting their stand and their stylish chess players who form part of the ACF creatives, then introducing "The Coal Project".

At Pitti Uomo 84 the ACF group, composed by founders Sam Lambert and Shakah Maidog with Matteo Gioli from Super Duper Hats iand Liam Maher from Denham, presented "The DJ Project", applying the DJ technique of mixing, vintage pieces, new fabrics, cutting, sewing and remaking all together, once again combing art and fashion, with the tradition of menswear design with processes of the future.
Their vision for this project is a hybrid, looking for inspiration from the music vinyl legends of the past with tailoring techniques of today.
This time round they had a room, sort of gallery and at the same time an installation with workshop, a sewing machine, tailors at work, hats, vinyls ... their outlet of inspiration. 
Upcoming menswear designer Edwige Pierre admiring the Rebel in Suit room
Their inspiration - Louis Armstrong
 Inspiration Board
Shaka Maidoh 
 Sam Lambert
Next up is launching their website, their Spring/Summer collection, globe trotting the world and who knows ... They are creative geniuses at work!


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