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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bill Gaytten bows out & Raf Simons takes over as creative director at Dior

Change over at Dior 

Bill Gaytten has shown his last collection for the Dior label.  He had taken over as creative director, after he replaced John Galliano, in February 2011, after being Galliano’s right hand man for 17 years. The two designers had a completely different vision and design, in fact, after Gayyten took the reins at Dior; he gave a refined feminine elegance to the label compared to Galliano’s fantasy like gowns.

Pictures below from the 2013 Cruise collection by Dior

The 2013 cruise collection was very much like his A/W 2012 collection for the house; from the colour palette, to the silhouette to the pleated skirts. His designs were reminiscent of the founder Christian Dior, full skirts paired up with lady like blazers that sit right at the waist, long gowns and pretty dresses. He will now continue as creative director at John Galliano.

The new creative director will be Raf Simons, who was appointed in April after his departure from Jill Sander. The designer’s first collection will be at the Paris Couture Fashion Week in July, where we will find out how his minimalistic designs and use of bright colours, will be incorporated into the French fashion house’s identity.  In an interview, he said

 “… for me the strongest impact is the first 10 years of Dior and how to link that to the 21st century. Mr. Dior was very innovative during a short time span. And it was in the middle of the 20th century, a period I am very interested in, whether it’s linked to fashion, architecture or art. So I find it very challenging to rethink couture.”

Pictures below from his last collection at Jil Sander

This will be his first ever Couture collection, one which everyone is eagerly waiting for,  all eyes will be on him!


  1. When I saw Resort 2013 I really wanted him to stay, but I've read some comments by Stephen Jones about the Raf Simons first Couture collection for Dior, and I'm excited/nervous.

    1. Same here, I loved how he revisited Dior's classical, feminine creations. He was only criticized for his first Couture collection, and then everyone simply appreciated and loved his other collections for the house. Such a shame.
      I'm excited to see the first couture collection by Raf Simons, I read the Stephen Jones interview too on Vogue.co.uk - Exciting times for the French fashion house.