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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop Campaign #WatchHungerStop | Support

The charity by Michael Kors which is all over social media 
Michael Kors has teamed up with several influential people and celebrities to launch a campaign against hunger in the world - Watch Hunger Stop, on the occasion of World Food Day, today, 16th October, 2013.
This campaign went viral today all over social media, everyone wearing the t-shirt and donating to the cause. The t-shirts are only available in selected stores, and those who manage to get one are being urged to wear it and post a photo on any social media site, promoting the cause. 
If anyone purchases something from Michael Kors in the month of October, clients can add a donation from $5 to $20 dollars, which will benefit the United Nations World Food Programme. 
Today, Michael Kors, was joined by Miroslava Duma in New York, whilst Chanel Iman and Lily Aldridge front the campaign. 


  1. lucky and beautiful you! love MK!

    1. I love MK too Andrea, I'm going to shop for a new watch soon ;)