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Friday, 20 April 2012

Masters interview & Vogue Festival

Good morning everyone,

Today was and will be a very eventful day for me.

I went for my Masters interview and they told me I would be a very good candidate for Masters in Fashion Business so I'm very excited for that.

Now I'm in Covent Garden shopping around and bought these beautiful court shoes from Zara, 2 people stopped me and told me how fashionable I look :D

Now I'm headed to Laduree for a celeberatory macaron before The VOGUE FESTIVAL for Session 2 and Session 3. 
Vogue Festival Poster

Many designers, fashion editors and the industry's influential people will be present, and I'm mostly excited about Mary Katranzou,  Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson and photographer David Bailey.

And probably I'll have a heart attack when I see my idols Dolce & Gabbana coming on to the stage. 
Stefano Gabbana & Domenico Dolce

Unfortunately I don't not have much time cause i'm running out of time.

This evening I will post photos and a new update.


A photograph by David Bailey
Designs by Mary Katranzou, my favourite emerging designer


  1. Hey Laura. Just signed on your blog for the first time. A big well done...... I'm sure you'll do great and that you'll successfully pursue all your dreams.

    Good luck and very well done again.. In the meantime I will continue following your blog..

  2. Thanks Lara and Vickyleen ... updates tomorrow xoxo