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Monday, 30 April 2012

My latest purchases from London ... story telling

My latest purchases ... something classic, something new, something old and something for you

Usually shopping in London is a must. Every time I travel to this city, I always allocate some quality time for some precious purchasing time, but my schedule unfortunately did not allow me to hunt for some good bargains or find some kind of unique item. 

In fact I wondered around Camden Town through the market and some vintage stores, but my venture proved unsuccessful when thunder, lightning and rain decided to show up and ruin my lovely 2 hour endeavour. 
So whilst I was running around London town from one area to the other, in between Vogue workshops and Masters interviews, I managed to buy some new accessories, and found some interesting pieces which all have an interesting story. 

Peacocks blouse - I bought this from Malta ... no story here, I simply fell in love with it
Very classical, it's pretty and I love it on

This Stunning Blouse Features Luxuriously Smooth Textures And A Beautiful Pussy Bow Front. Featuring Through Button Fastening, Oversized Sleeves And A Classic Contrast Design. 

 I paired it up with a long black asymmetrical skirt (Zara), black court shoes (Ms Selfridge), a leather clutch bag (Zara) and electric blue blazer (H&M) 

I wore this outfit for the first day of Vogue Festival and my Masters interview. Upon arrival at Vogue, someone actually took my picture in this outfit, only God knows who that might be!

I needed a black belt with the outfit above, before day 1 of Vogue Festival because my skirt was falling and this was the only belt that looked good on and which had the simplest shape, in fact I turned the buckle behind. 

Vintage looking black leather belt from Mango
Whilst looking hopelessly for a black bag in Covent Garden, my eyes set their sights on I these beautiful beige textured platform court shoes with a pale golden heel from Zara ... when I saw the heel I went crazy, tried them on and they fit perfectly, little damage was done to my credit card. 
This is how I intend to wear them, with similar items to the ones below ...  in the picture - a peplum white blazer (Alexander McQueen), a yellow lace sleeveless dress (Warehouse) and a lovely pink bag (Dolce & Gabbana) - perfect for Summer!
After Vogue Festival I went to Oxford Street to look for a lovely red Aldo handbag which I had seen in Camden but couldn't find it there, with only 1 hour available to buy something, I went running around the shops in my towering heels to find a bag for the next day. The only bag that caught my eye was this pretty suede bag with gold chain from Topshop. It was a good purchase because I carried my large camera in it around London and Vogue Festival, my camera had a stylish pocket and it is actually a nice bag. 
After all my commitments in London were over, I decided to go for a walk in Kensington with a friend and ended up at Harrods in Knightsbridge for lunch. Not thinking of how my feet would feel  after 9 hours in the lovely Zara court shoes I purchased the day before.  At 4pm my feet decided to shout out for help and asked me desperately to change my shoes. So I crossed the road from Harrods and found Topshop. My quest was a comfy shoe which matched my stylish/ smart outfit. The only pair of shoes that seemed to match were these Jaded Camel Suede leather shoe boots with contrast black toecap from Topshop which were on sale, when I saw them I had to get them.
And thats my London shopping adventure, where behind every purchase there is a little story. 


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