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Monday, 16 April 2012


Welcome to my blog ... La Maison Sartorie D'Amber

I am Laura ... I'm a fashion lover, aspiring fashionista and student ...

This blog came about when a friend, Andrey, suggested that I should chronicle my life and my love of fashion. He suggested this because fashion can be seen bin my daily choices and by the way I am, he says that life is worth writing about, calling me a very busy woman.

So after some thought, whilst looking at graduate courses in fashion management and business during  exams, I decided to come up with this fashion blog - La Maison Sartorie D'Amber.
I decided that this will be a tailored guide to fashion news, updates, trends, reviews and much more, after all I'm passionate about this industry and always want to read and know more. 

The name of the blog was a tedious job, I couldn't come up with a name, all I could see were many words and couldn't put them together, so I asked for the help of two dear friends, Jean-Paul and Vivienne. I wanted a French name, because I love how words sound in the french language. It is not normal because usually, I go for anything that is Italian, since, I love everything about Italy ... from the fashion, lifestyle, food, history, everything!

The many words came to be ... La Maison Sartorie D'Amber

1. Amber ... a dear friend calls me Amber Eyes and since this person means something to me because he believes in me, and always pushes me to be better, I had to include something that represents him. Also I wear a lot of amber shades weather its clothing, shoes or jewellery, so it seemed very appropriate.

2. Sartorie - Tailoring ...  is the ultimate thing that embodies the fashion trade, it is what makes a design unique.

3. Maison - House ...  it is where your home is ... and this is where I intend to make my home and release all the creativity that there is in me to produce something beautiful. 

I hope you enjoy the fashion journey with me. 




  1. I really like how sleek your blog looks! I'm a fan already xx

    1. Thanks Lara :) There will be always something to improve but slowly I'm getting there ... new post soon xxx