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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Men's Street Style | Firenze, Italy

The Boys, the Men and the Gentlemen in the streets of Firenze

My new Nikon D3100 produced some lovely shots, but the lovely shots wouldn't be what they are without ...  the men in Florence and their style
The most stylish man I saw on that day in Florence, with his cute dog
The man at the Cavalli cafe outside their shop

Busy man at work, I was taking a picture of the Duomo, and he popped in front of me
The young man in his casual style, love his shoes 
Casual man
The busy man on his phone wearing a beautifully tailored blazer
Men and Florence are something, they know their style, true Italian style
More photos soon



  1. I love the Italian style..especially on men :)

    1. Come to Florence and you will see for yourself, Italian men and their style is to die for.