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Thursday 4 October 2012

Young and talented fashion designer Rudy Bois launches his first collection

 Canadian fashion designer Rudy Bois introduces his first collection for Spring/ Summer 2013 - Lux
Rudy Bois, the Canadian born designer recently launched his first clothing collection called Lux. Rudy studied fashion marketing in Paris, but eventually he followed his heart to pursue his childhood dream by starting up his own collection for Spring/ Summer 2013 under his own label.
Lux, light ... illumination, this is what his collection conveys, the contrast between black, cream and yellow, those are the colours of his collection, the white and yellow hues, colours transpire through in contrast with the darkness of the black.
 He believes in symmetry and duality and this is the collection ... the interaction between light and darkness and black versus yellow and white, a rebirth, that is what the artistic designer wants us to see.
 The collection is extremely tailored, with straight elegant silhouettes, refined and polished. The combination of textures and materials makes it young and a very wearable collection, casual at times and very sophisticated in others, especially the black trousers.
The Mantle Dress - Rudy's favourite piece from his collection
He is currently negiotiating a deal with department store to sell his collection, nothing is finalised yet. Good luck Rudy, your star will shine soon. This collection will surely take him to new heights.



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  1. Awesome Rudy! Can't wait for your next collection! :)