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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

PLATINUM Love Magazine | The Visionaires Edition | Fashion and Culture

The Maltese international magazine | A contemporary gem in our society for innovation
            PLATINUM Love magazine launches the 'Visionaires Edition' issue on crowd-funding website Kickstarter.
PLATINUM Love magazine, soon to celebrate it's 6th year anniversary, founded in 2007, by Matthew Attard Navarro who is also now the creative director, made the leap to Kickstarter this week launching 'The Visionaires Edition' project. The special edition will mark the release of the publication's first international distribution, making it one of the few Maltese contemporary culture periodicals to be exported out of the island.  The team behind PLATINUM Love looked at Kickstarter's success rate and launched the coffee-table book project on the platform to cover the print costs.
VOGUE Italia dubbed the periodical 'Malta's most innovative publication' in 2011, and with sought after contributors and stunning imagery PLATINUM Love became a cult-like publication in Malta, making international ripples and building great international partnerships. The team behind the publication wish to invite their readers to pre-order the issue and help reach the funding target of 10,000 by going to the link
This month, forget the newsstand and support the Maltese publication instead by pre-ordering the issue and help make Maltese cultural history by supporting PLATINUM Love - The Visionaires Edition
Pledge and buy PLATINUM Love Magazine ... Fashion and Culture in one!

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