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Friday, 12 July 2013

Ruggero Mengoni Photographic Exhibition | Il Vaso Ermetico | Florence

The androgyny and the muse | "The vessel is the root and the principle of our art" 
Photographic Exhibition

"II vaso è la radice e il principio dell'arte nostra" Dalla Philosophia reformata di Mylius

The exhibition was held during the week of Pitit Uomo 84 on the 18th of June in Florence, Italy. 
The location was in San Frediano on the other side of the river in the old centre. The venue was a real art scene and the architecture reminded me of old houses from the 17th century, ancient mixed with modern art. It was full of sculptures, paintings, objects used for extravagant style settings and photo shoots and finally a living room furnished as a showcase-in a beautiful house ready to welcome artists as eclectic with Daniela Fiorilli visionary Ruggero Lupo Mengoni.

The model in the photographs is Simon, his look is out of this world, he is androgynous and beautiful. I just fell in love with him ... free flowing prosecco and focaccia set the night to be truly Florentine. 

Il Vaso Ermetivo, The Hermetic Vase, is a collective project that was born from the visionary photographer Ruggero Lupo Mengoni with designer Daniela Fiorilli.
The Hermetic Vase, is an intimate journey that blends with ECLECTIC seeking to mark a path between art and emotion. A space incubator for ideas, a place for discussion and experimentation born out of a consolidated two young artists, Virginia Panichi and Eleonora. A union so perfect as to make them a single identity: ECLECTIC. 
 Simon and I

Una notte Fiorentina ... a great exhibition and I hope Daniela and Ruggero take it elsewhere because it was a match made in artistic heaven!

Visit Ruggero Mengoni's website

Ruggero Mengoni, who was my photography lecturer at Polimoda whilst I was doing my masters.
All photos except except for the promo one, were taken by me from La Maison Sartorie D'Amber

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